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The ideation and brainstorming process to about using your new insights and perspectives to inform the idea generation process. The first ideas are usually not the best ones. Ideation is focused on generating as many ideas and solutions as possible. This is the part of the process that prioritizes creativity over immediate feasibility.

What This Means for Social Justice Activists & Designers

Social Justice Activists Social justice folks often feel the dual pressures of urgency and perfectionism which can lead to inaction. Rather than focusing on what is feasible under multiple constraints, ideation provides the space for social justice folks to be generative, practicing openness and embracing creativity. Rather than overthinking decision making, this space encourages social justice folks to take risks and develop new ideas.
Designers Social designers have the tools and mindsets to brainstorm and think creatively. By basing their ideation process on the data and themes gathered with people most impacted by an issue and people who will implement the change, their ideas will better reflect the needs and desires of those stakeholders. This process puts social designers in a better position to generate approaches that create change rather than perpetuating systems of injustice.


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