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Feedback is an essential aspect of the innovation process. Gathering feedback from your stakeholders allows you to continue generating ideas that center those most impacted by your issue and those who will implement your idea. Integrating feedback refines your idea until it is something that can create innovative and disruptive change.

What This Means for Social Justice Activists & Designers

Social Justice Activists Social justice folks build strong relationships in their movements, and there is an important opportunity in giving and receiving feedback which can be missed when avoiding feedback in fear of being vulnerable in these relationships. Soliciting feedback from stakeholders can help make these relationships stronger by including and centering their perspectives in the idea generation process.
Designers Social designers need to be mindful of dynamics of race and power when giving and receiving feedback. Being innovative in a feedback process requires breaking down biases. They are better able to address the dynamics of race and power when they center those most impacted by the issue they are exploring.


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