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A theory of change is a roadmap to help you connect your work to your bigger end goal. Outlining each step from the problem you’ve identified to the outcome you envision allows you to understand if your proposed idea will lead you to the desired end result. Articulating your theory of change clarifies the problem you’re trying to solve, the solution you're aiming for, and the steps you can take to link them.

What This Means for Social Justice Activists & Designers

Social Justice Activists Social justice folks have a tendency to propose and implement a solution without having a thorough understanding of the change necessary to achieve the outcome they envision. Without understanding the links between the problem and the outcome they want to achieve, it is likely the proposed solution will not solve the problem. Creating a theory of change allows social justice folks to outline the process between the problem, the outcome, and where the proposed solution fits in that process.
Designers There is often a disconnect between solutions generated by social designers and the problem experienced by people on the frontlines. Outlining each step between the problem and the outcome allows social designers to understand how and where their solution should intervene, and account for additional links or steps along the way.


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