social movements + innovation lab


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The Bridging Studio

The Bridging Studio is exploring the intersection between social innovation and social justice and the potential transformation social change the two sectors can achieve if they work together.

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Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Sujatha designed grantmaking strategies for the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation at the intersection of multiple social movements.

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Abortion Care Network

Sujatha designed and facilitated the strategic direction setting process for Abortion Care Network. In this project, assisted the organization in imagining a different and uncertain future in supporting independent abortion providers.

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Medicaid Reimbursement for Abortion Services

Sujatha designed and facilitated a national working group on Medicaid Reimbursements for abortion services. This projected focused on bringing together abortion clinic staff with state and national policy advocates with the goal of advancing a multi-state progressive agenda for abortion access.

  • Consulting

Social Movements Study Group

Sujatha led a monthly study group for 17 philanthropic foundation staff and presidents to discuss social movements.

  • Consulting

Health Equity by Design

Sujatha is consulting on a project centered around health equity. This project is a partnership between IDEO and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.