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Ideas Lab

The Ideas Lab provided a space for movement leaders, activists, staff and volunteers to focus on a particular area of concern, exploring more of the problem that they were seeking to address, identified key stakeholders, and generated multiple different, creative approaches that had not been tried before.

While much of what we already do in our daily work is effective and impactful, given the current challenges we face, we know we need to think outside the box and explore different strategies, tactics, and frameworks. This lab was an opportunity to begin that work.The Ideas Lab was a six-months virtual course that culminated in a final in-person convening in March 2020. The lab consisted of monthly in-person team meetings, online webinars, and coaching support. Teams worked together to explore a question related to fighting or dealing with the wave of abortions bans recently passed by several states across the US and generate disruptive and creative ways to challenge these restrictions. By the end of the lab, participants were able to:

● Clearly articulate the problem they were trying to solve with supporting research

● Identify a clear set of stakeholders and constituents who are most impacted by the problem and who should be included in the co-creative design process

● Generate multiple possible solutions or approaches to the area of concern

● Identify at least one feasible idea that can be tested in a Prototype Lab

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