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Come, Let Us Practice Together

The first time I got punched in the face I froze. My vision dimmed, my ears rang, and I couldn’t have moved to save my life. After I heard that Donald Trump had won the election, I had the same out of body experience. I couldn’t tell up from down, front from back. Whether to move forward, stand still, or hide. ​ ​Trump winning has felt like a sucker punch, followed by body blows – Republicans now control the House, the Senate and will soon appoint one, if not more Supreme Court justices. For all the fear and rage on both sides of the political spectrum, this was a vote to kick over our national table. Everything is up in the air now.

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Refreshing the Moment

A long-time soldier and sometime general in the battle for reproductive freedom, I have marched, organized rallies, served on boards, testified before legislators, sent letters, signed petitions and founded organizations. Yet, when I look at this field, I’m neither bolstered by our victories nor galvanized by our vision.