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We Are Each Other’s Harvest

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In her work she focuses on forging unlikely collaborations and looking past forced simplifications at the intersection of issues too often considered separately: economic inequality, domestic violence, racial discrimination, disability rights and gender roles. Sujatha has worked skillfully with a wide and diverse range of leaders, community members, activists, scholars, researchers and academics, listening for patterns and trends in order toprepare for the challenges around the corner and into the future.

Before The New School, Sujatha was the Executive Director of CoreAlign, a reproductive justice organization teaching innovation for social change to frontline activists, which she founded in 2012. With a focus on race and power, CoreAlign trains organizers to think and act innovatively, generate creative solutions to complex problems, and develop processes for designing solutions with their communities.

As Professor of Professional Practice in Management at the Milano School, Sujatha focuses on innovative approaches to: social justice and start-up nonprofit leadership and management; leadership, management and philanthropy at the intersection of race and gender; social justicte ethics of human genetics and biotechnologies; design thinking methodologies for community engagement, advocacy and organizing; and reimagining social movements.

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