In May 2019, we saw a cascade of states - Alabama, Missouri, Georgia,
Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Iowa, Louisiana, Utah, and North Dakota
- banning abortion from six weeks to conception, with additional bans
being introduced in at least another 28 states. Currently, 29 million U.S.
women of reproductive age (43%) live in states that are hostile and very
hostile to abortion access and reproductive autonomy.

In response to these bans, and in solidarity with the nationwide
protests of these attacks on women’s self-determination and autonomy,
Social Movements + Innovation is announcing labs for small teams to
develop innovative strategies to address this crisis and expand the reproductive
justice movement.



SM+I is launching opportunities for organizations and social justice leaders to generate and test contentious and disruptive ideas to challenge these abortion bans, mobilize a base of supports for reproductive justice, and expand public support for reproductive self-determination.

Through these labs, we offer social movement leaders the space and resources to explore, develop and test new ideas to address this crisis over a 6-month period.

Designed for teams of 3-6 people, these labs offer online workshops, exercises, support and coaching, and a final in-person convening for teams to share experiences and learnings with one another.

 Benefits of these labs include:

  • Expertly designed and facilitated tools and exercises for working on your ideas

  • Individualized coaching for each team

  • A toolkit of methodologies and exercises

  • A learning community of lab teams working across the country on different ideas

  • Access to non-traditional experts from diverse fields

  • Opportunities to network and celebrate together in person at the end

Apply by August 15, 2019.

If you have any questions, email us at or join us in our webinar session.